Liebster Award

liebsterblogawardMy Jubilee Swap partner, Ms Dormouse, from View from the Teapot has very kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. It’s always such a pleasure to know that people enjoy my blog posts, and especially when they make comments, but it’s “icing on the cake” to be nominated for an Award as well.

Apart from which, with my German heritage how could I ignore an award with a German name.

There’s been a flurry of discussion in the genealogy blogosphere (especially in Australia) just lately over the merits or otherwise of awards. As a result of that I decided that I would not pass on awards but would refer people to my blog links on my other blog, Family History Across the Seas….many are family history blogs but there are others about photos, books, travel (scroll down the page).

It also reminds me that in the throes of birthing my new blog Bewitched by Books, and finally kick-starting my From Dorfprozelten to Australia blog, that this poor Tropical Territory blog has been neglected. Tomorrow’s resolution –some new photo uploads.

However it seems a bit unfair to be churlish enough not to respond to at least some of Ms Dormouse’s 11 topics, so I’m cherry-picking here:

3. How do you enjoy getting exercise? Sitting in front of the computer doing family history, chasing my grandchildren or taking photos? Perhaps this is why I don’t lose weight???

5 Sweet or Savoury? What is your favourite food? With a great-grandfather who was a pastry chef and confectioner, sweet wins hands down most of the time.

7. Who is your best friend? Apart from Mr Cassmob my best friend is Linda because she’s lived through so many of my life’s challenges with me, supported me always, and accepts me for who I am. I’d be lost without her.

8 Where did you last go on holiday? Why did you choose that place? We went back to Papua New Guinea a couple of months ago, mainly to the Milne Bay District where we lived when we were first married. You can read some of my stories here and here (and see some photos on this blog, look under Papua New Guinea)

9 What did you have for dinner yesterday? Who cooked it? Lasagne because the grandchildren like it. Mr Cassmob was the chef.

11 Why do you love someone and who? Mr Cassmob who is my rock, my cheer squad, my best friend (Oh, that’s three reasons, not one).

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on your award, Pauleen…well deserved.

    A lovely, warm response to the questions… I think Mr. Cassmob is one lucky man, and I’m sure that Linda appreciates you every much as you do her.

    1. Thanks Chris! I think I’m very fortunate with all my friends but poor Linda has lived through a lot with me…and as for Mr Cassmob I reckon that might be why he went grey early 😉

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