A controversial memorial: Christopher Robinson

This memorial stands near the playing ovals on Samarai Island. Largely neglected, and probably totally ignored, people pass it daily. There is a highly controversial story behind this young man’s death, which I’ve briefly relayed on my Trove Tuesday post on the other blog.

35 Christopher Robinson34 Christopher Robinson close up

2 thoughts on “A controversial memorial: Christopher Robinson

  1. In response to YOU nominating ME (about which I’ve done nothing yet!) I’ve nominated you on my blog for a “Liebster” award – an award for blogs I like to visit. There are (aren’t there always?!) particular rules that one is supposed to follow…However, I do appreciate that many bloggers find such things a bit tedious, or not actually what they blog for. So, if it doesn’t float you boat, no worries. Just be happy that I’ve (hopefully) sent others to look at your blog and enjoy it as much as I do. If you do want to join in, then hop over to my blog to find out the “rules”.

    1. Thanks for your nomination Alison…it’s very much appreciated. It’s always such a pleasure to know that other readers enjoy what you post and comments and awards are very much appreciated. The issue of awards has been highly debated in the family history blogosphere just lately so while I very much appreciate that you have nominated me, I”m going to just acknowledge the award with thanks, and not pass it on. You can see the story behind this on my other blog http://cassmob.wordpress.com/my-approach-to-awards/

      I do very much appreciate your support. I also have your blog on my blog links page on the family history site.

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