Top Day in the Top End and a genuine Aussie “Top Gun”

What a top weekend we’ve been having here in the Top End and yesterday ‘s RAAF Open Day was a highlight! I forgot the temporary aggravation of military jets zooming overhead and remembered just how much I love them. There were 21 aircraft on display from the various countries participating in Pitch Black 12, and it’s probably unusual to see this variety in one place. Mr Cassmob and I were in heaven and it was such a thrill to be able to see all these amazing aircraft up close and personal.

I must have been hyped up because I was cheeky enough to bail up a passing RAAF Pilot and ask him for a photo opportunity. He graciously agreed to be photographed for my blog in front of this RAAF F/A18-F Super Hornet fighter jet.

Squadron Leader Matthew Harper in front A RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet on the apron at Darwin’s RAAF base.

Little did I know until I did some research this morning that I had photographed one of the RAAF’s crème de la crème, a genuine Aussie version of a “Top Gun“.

Squadron Leader Matt Harper is one of the few foreign pilots who has trained on the USA Air Force’s super stealth aircraft, F-22 Raptor. Do click on the 1st link to read his story…just as well I didn’t know all this or I’d have probably gushed embarrassingly.

Sqn Ldr Harper also generously came and talked to our grandchildren including Master 3 who had been so terrified by the aircraft noise last week. Thank you so much Sqn Ldr Harper for your time and courtesy. What a great job of PR the RAAF did yesterday!

There’ll be several more posts about yesterday’s Open Day coming up this week.  If you love aircraft, do drop by for a look. Images from Week 1 of Pitch Black 12 are here.

If I happen to make any mistakes in these posts please do jump in and make corrections – I’m not an expert even though I enjoy seeing the aircraft.

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