The awesome Tiger helicopter

Among the fighter jets at the Operation Pitch Black Open Day on Saturday was an Australian Army ARH Tiger helicopter. These are “attack helicopters used in armed reconnaissance missions”[i].  Tiger Pilot, Captain Overton, was talking informally with the public about its sophisticated weaponry and had all those listening enthralled with his comments and information.  I was intrigued that the cannon responds to the pilot’s head movements thanks to a link with the helmet he wears: look right and the weapon moves right etc.

Tiger pilot, Capt Overton, talking to the public about the attributes of his helicopter.

Apparently the Tigers are the most lethal helicopters around and can destroy almost any tank in the world: if you’re going to go into battle you want one of these on your side, you surely don’t want them up against you. The 30mm cannon, rocket launchers, and laser-guided hellfire missiles with an 8km range make for a formidable military combination.

I was equally impressed by the calm confidence of all the Defence personnel we talked to. They are so capable at what they do without any brashness and bravado, just extreme competence. I wonder how many enlistments the Defence forces get after an open day like this one, a few I reckon, especially in a city like Darwin.

The awesome Tiger Helicopter.
Formidable weaponry.

If you’re into aircraft do go and look at the link below. Click on the yellow circles to see the details and also turn the image to get a side view. You can also see more about it in the video. All very cool! It also enlightened me on the difference between a battle captain and the pilot (click on the down arrow beside the people images).

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