Bush Stone Curlew

Tucked away around Darwin are little colonies of curlews. I gather it’s become quite unusual to see them in other parts of Australia, but not so here. Even though we don’t see them near our place, at night you can hear their oh-so-mournful cry, often likened to the scream of a child or woman (you can hear the cry here).  I imagine tourists camping out bush must get the fright of their lives when they hear it first. Not surprisingly in Indigenous culture they are often associated with death – you can read an interesting story about it here.  I found this webpage with absolutely gorgeous sketches of birds –check it out.

4 thoughts on “Bush Stone Curlew

    1. They are so well camouflaged aren’t they -hard to see. I believe they’ve become quite rare down south due to land development etc. They have the eeriest cry.

  1. We are from Chapel Hill Brisbane – two of these birds live under our verandah and have just hatched two gorgeous chicks.They now tolerate us without any hissing! – they have become our

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