Samarai Catholic Church – PNG

Today’s feature is the Catholic Church in Samarai (another church where we surely own one or two bricks).  Mr Cassmob believes there is something slightly different about it compared to when he lived there, but couldn’t quite put his “finger” on it. The missionaries in Papua New Guinea had a significant impact, one which continues to this day…many an urban parish would wish for similar levels of church attendance.


Interior Catholic Church SamaraiThe local symbolism has been incorporated into many churches in Papua New Guinea along with more traditional statues.

All photographs on this blog are © Pauleen Cass.

4 thoughts on “Samarai Catholic Church – PNG

  1. Interesting to see the same architecture as in the Territory with banks of floor to ceiling louvres for ventilation in the buildings

    1. Of course we saw it in reverse -TPNG having them first and NT afterwards though in reality they would have been concurrent. Just good for tropical living, but our PNG house cost much less than Darwin 😉

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