SIGEP 2012 Bread Cup and the Outback Bakery

Life’s been a bit crazy lately and I’ve had this photo to share for over a month. I was pretty amazed when I visited our local bakery, The Outback Bakery, and found they had won a prize in the SIGEP 2012  Bread Cup contested in Italy. How cool is that!

Tim Modra produces a different artisanal bread each day and while I’ve tried one or two, allergies limit how carried away I can get, no matter how good they taste. I think it’s amazing and fantastic that a bakery in little old Darwin can compete on the world stage. Tim and his team won third place in this international competition. Well done Tim and team!

Tim was also keen to emphasise the wonderful support the team had from their sponsors without whose assistance they simply couldn’t have competed. A big virtual pat on the back for them too!

Pride of place on the counter at the Outback Bakery -and with good cause!