Territory Wildlife Park – the aquarium

The aquarium was a big hit with all of us, with Mr Three determinedly returning to see the turtles and the little ducks bobbing up and down and fluffing up their feathers.

I love fish and sealife so I really enjoyed these displays.

How many “Nemo” fish can you see? (As always you can click on the photo to enlarge it)

These electric-blue fish were super-speedy and hard to photograph. Love the purple and blue combination.

On the way out there was this art work of jellyfish made from plastic cord. I saw similar ones at the Dragonfly Craft Fair.

Made from some sort of plastic “thread” they make impressive jelly fish.

Territory Wildlife Park – critters and birds

During the school holidays recently we made a family visit to theĀ Territory Wildlife Park. It was donkey’s years since my husband and I had been there so it was fun to go with the daughters and grandchildren to see the animals. It covers a huge area, so the “train” (actually more like an open-air bus) was heaven sent and the driver an informative tour-guide. Even so Mr 3 needed carrying from time to time, so memo-to-self, if taking them on my own, a pram is essential.

Despite being there for hours we still didn’t cover all the features but here are some of the highlights of the day.

Seeing the dingo was a high priority for Mr Almost-Six. Is the Dingo really named Ernie? For Ernie Dingo the actor, seems a bit of a double-edged sword to me.

Whereas Nanna has a pelican fetish as you can tell from this blog’s header picture.

The nocturnal house was a great hit but of course, no photos of that. We were all pretty impressed by the king brown snake near the exit, but as we were focused on rounding up kids, the camera didn’t come into play.

I’ve mentioned pandanus palms quite often on this blog so I thought I’d include this picture of some ripe and fallen “fruit” from the pandanus. When I was a child I made the mistake of cutting some up once -man it stank!

Fruit of the pandanus palm and fallen leaves.