A Float-illa of Pelicans

On our recent day trip to Kakadu we were able to visit Anbangbang billabong. When we visited back in May the road was still closed off due to the rains and flooding across the road. As the country dries, the waterholes shrink and the birds gravitate to the remaining water so that the hotter weather is actually a good time to see birds as they cluster together.

A float-illa of pelicans

We had our fingers crossed that the pelicans would be on the billabong and luck was with us. There was a huge float-illa of pelicans sailing up and down.  Wise creatures that they are, they’d ensconced themselves on the far side of the billabong to the picnic areas so the telephoto lens got a work out.

Two pelicans on approach.

We were thrilled to see several pelicans come into land with progressive circling, framed by the stone country, until they splashed down among the crowd.

Some touch-downs look more like crash-landings.

Of course the pelicans weren’t the only ones to enjoy the waterhole…if you look carefully you’ll see lots of ducks lining the water’s edge.

After lunch we saw several of them take off and circle around above us, for no apparent reason than the joy of flying.

Shooting the breeze.

And this sign will tell you why we kept our distance and didn’t go closer to get photos. It was also 40C most of the day according to the car thermometer, and hot, damn hot! Frankly a walk in the midday sun just didn’t appeal and the crocs were a good excuse not to.

Territory Wildlife Park – critters and birds

During the school holidays recently we made a family visit to the Territory Wildlife Park. It was donkey’s years since my husband and I had been there so it was fun to go with the daughters and grandchildren to see the animals. It covers a huge area, so the “train” (actually more like an open-air bus) was heaven sent and the driver an informative tour-guide. Even so Mr 3 needed carrying from time to time, so memo-to-self, if taking them on my own, a pram is essential.

Despite being there for hours we still didn’t cover all the features but here are some of the highlights of the day.

Seeing the dingo was a high priority for Mr Almost-Six. Is the Dingo really named Ernie? For Ernie Dingo the actor, seems a bit of a double-edged sword to me.

Whereas Nanna has a pelican fetish as you can tell from this blog’s header picture.

The nocturnal house was a great hit but of course, no photos of that. We were all pretty impressed by the king brown snake near the exit, but as we were focused on rounding up kids, the camera didn’t come into play.

I’ve mentioned pandanus palms quite often on this blog so I thought I’d include this picture of some ripe and fallen “fruit” from the pandanus. When I was a child I made the mistake of cutting some up once -man it stank!

Fruit of the pandanus palm and fallen leaves.