Friday Flowers: Rosy Glows

Sorry I missed last week’s Friday Flowers – there’s a bit going on here in Troppo Territory. Rather than miss this week as well, here’s a Friday Saturday Flowers to enthuse the northern hemisphere people with a Spring in their step and console the Aussies who have been experiencing some wild weather far more typical of summer than Autumn.

These floral delights were photographed along the footpaths of Paris in 2014.


Paris blooms

Paris blooms

I hope these cheery blooms bring some happiness to your day, and your weekend (a long weekend in the Top End) 

Friday Flowers: Paris Blooms

Greetings on Friday 13th! Rather than get superstitious let’s enjoy some beautiful Parisian blooms from our trip mid-2014. We saw some beautiful florists’ shops in our meanderings so today’s treat is a small sample of them….perhaps there’ll be more in the coming weeks?

PARIS 9 008PARIS 9 011DSC_0002 (2)
I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.