Shadow Shot Sunday: Tropical shadows

Yesterday we visited our final Open Garden of the year. The weather is turning and what we call the Dry (elsewhere it’s winter) is steadily running out of puff with the temperatures and humidity kicking in. However this weekend’s Mosaic Garden would be a perfect spot regardless of the weather with tropical shadows and shady nooks.

Open Garden, Mosaic House, Parap, Northern Territory

Open Garden, Mosaic House, Parap, Northern Territory

Tropical shadows

Glimpses of green

Cooling breezes

Draw me in.

Shadow Shot Sunday

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Open garden vista & Balinese influences

There are times when I’m ambivalent about posting pictures of the Open Gardens we visit for privacy reasons. A couple of weeks ago we visited one with Balinese influences which showed in the lime,aubergine and yellow paint on the exterior feature walls, Balinese carved wall features, outdoor shower and open-air relaxation area, as well as the tropical plantings.

Bali vibe in Darwin

In case you’ve been wondering, Bali design has a big impact on Darwin garden and home design. That’s partly because Bali’s tropical climate is very much the same as Darwin’s so it’s easy to see how things will grow. it’s also because the vivid tropical colours work equally well in both cases. However it’s also because Bali is closer in flying time to Darwin than any of Australia’s capital cities so it’s a viable holiday destination for a long weekend or longer. You can choose between the cheaper holiday accommodation around Kuta with its crazy busyness or the more upmarket villas of Seminyak. These luxury villas still come at a comparable price to interstate holiday venues so are very appealing. ¬†Ubud offers an alternative style and climate, and that’s for those who aren’t looking for the whole Eat, Pray, Love syndrome.

Seminyak luxury in Bali -you can see the style influences.

Even the reception desks are open-air.