Hello cocky..

This white cockatoo wanted nothing more than to eat the delicious red berry that he’d found high in the palm tree but some stupid woman kept pointing a telephoto lens at him.

He wasn’t best pleased so he took himself to a tree further away -only to be followed there too. Life is so unjust. Actually I was disappointed because when I spotted him first he had his crest up, which would have made a nice image.

Storm debris Nightcliff foreshore

I missed posting these images yesterday but better late than never.

This week’s storms have stirred up the ocean beds and deposited soft corals, seaweed and sponges on the foreshore.

Such was the force of the ocean that it picked up large rocks and dumped them in strange places. I don’t know if this one was there before the storm, or thrown up during it, but I liked  the patterning.

I have also uploaded some more of the post-storm pictures to my Flickr site here.