Garden flamboyance

Flowers and flags_edited-1
Before I started visiting Open Gardens it wouldn’t have occurred to me to add “artificial” colour and sculptures to the garden. I’m now a convert and love the additional splashes of colour. Tropical light and gardens welcome vivid colours. Balinese flags appear in almost every garden.

Pretty in Pink

Just a quick one today as we’ve been out and about having fun.

Do you like my new pink hibiscus? I think it’s just gorgeous and makes me think of ballet tutus.

Pink Hibiscus: Mrs George Davis

Yellow blossoms

This tree has been flowering lately. I’m not sure what it is, but at a guess I’d say it’s some form of cassia. I think it’s just gorgeous.

Although the flowers are gorgeous up close, the tree itself is quite discreet.

How gross

I bought this fly trap the other week from our hardware store and while it doesn’t have poison in it, the contents are surely popular with the flies. In fact so much so I ultimately threw it out as it was far too effective, and consequently rather gross.

Meanwhile the wavy paw lizard was only too happy. He worked out that the flies were there and stationed himself above the lid feasting on a fly smorgasbord. I guess I’ve made it harder work for him now it’s gone.

Fly trap or lizard smorgasbord. Clever little critter….and the empty pot container is a failed orchid.

Seeing red in the garden

These photos were taken at one of the last Open Gardens this year. In some ways it’s odd that the colours are so bright and “hot” for the tropical climate.

This heliconia was just gorgeous.

A beautiful bromeliad flower.

Okay, more pink, than red but still. I couldn’t believe it when Charlie from one of the house/garden shows said he hadn’t seen these.