Friday Flowers: Tropical Delight

This week’s flowers are both tropical and local. I bought them on Saturday morning to add colour and life to the house. The reds and greens add drama to the decor.



I hope these beautiful flowers have bought sunshine to your day.

Friday Flowers: Aussie Flora

Last week I shared some more traditional flower photos taken in Canberra in late March. This week I want to share some of the close-ups of Aussie flora which I snapped. Once again I got the scheduling wrong: seems I wanted to schedule the date Aussie fashion and reversed the order. Sorry.

Canberra gets cold (by our standards) in winter and extremely hot in summer. Even though it’s the nation’s capital you don’t have to go far to see Aussie wildlife like kangaroos grazing the paddocks. Once you’re out of the (not very large) urban area it’s definitely rural.

The trees and plants can be quite different and often the gum trees have peeling bark dropping from their trunks.

DSC_3205 DSC_3207 DSC_3209

DSC_3208DSC_3231The Australian War Memorial can be seen among the trees which are a signature of Canberra. As a created city, it has many parks and green spaces. This was the view from the apartment where my friend and I stayed…not bad is it?

Australian native trees mix it up with imported deciduous trees. By now the latter will be tinged with red.

Australian native trees mix it up with imported deciduous trees. By now the latter will be tinged with red.

I hope these flowers have brought happiness to your day wherever you are. 

Friday Flowers: Purple Petrea

No more Paris this week I’m afraid people. Instead this week’s Friday Flowers is one of my favourite creepers, the spectacular purple Petrea volubis. It does grow in Darwin but unfortunately didn’t like our garden. No doubt I have a photo somewhere of the one we grew in our Brisbane garden but this is one I snapped in  Brisbane last September.

The Petrea is a vine with very sandpapery leaves, and quite woody and inflexible stems. What I particularly like about it, is that as the flowers age, they turn a gorgeous silvery-purple colour.


This, on the other hand, is a photo of one in the gardens of the Amani cafe/craft shop in Nairobi, Kenya. We had a great time running amok spending money at this wonderful shop but has personal significance. In one of those “what if” moments, had we not spent so much time there and at another craft shop there’s a fair chance we might have been at the Westgate Mall when it was bombed. There but for the grace of God…


Peter at Amani Nairobi
DSC00329I hope these beautiful flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


Friday Flowers: Rosy Glows

Sorry I missed last week’s Friday Flowers – there’s a bit going on here in Troppo Territory. Rather than miss this week as well, here’s a Friday Saturday Flowers to enthuse the northern hemisphere people with a Spring in their step and console the Aussies who have been experiencing some wild weather far more typical of summer than Autumn.

These floral delights were photographed along the footpaths of Paris in 2014.


Paris blooms

Paris blooms

I hope these cheery blooms bring some happiness to your day, and your weekend (a long weekend in the Top End) 

Friday Flowers in the Nation’s Capital, Canberra

The last two weeks have been occupied with attending Congress 2015 in Canberra and a short holiday with my other half in Sydney. Because I’d been busy blogging about Congress and preparing for my presentations, the Friday Flowers posts on this blog went by the board.

On the grounds of Old Parliament House are the beautiful Rose Gardens.…what a lovely spot they provide for workers to have a tranquil lunch. I particularly like that the European roses are framed by tall gum (eucalyptus) trees. I imagine that in the right season the latticed gazebo/walkway would be smothered in purple wisteria flowers. However it was Autumn in Canberra, although the deciduous trees were just starting to change colour.


IMG_0777 IMG_0780 IMG_0788 IMG_0789I rather liked this old lawn roller which became a piece of garden art – whether it’s in use or not.


And because it’s Canberra and we were on family history “business”, a visit to the Australian War Memorial is, as always, a “must visit”. This month marks the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli and the legend of the Anzacs so the final image today is a more sober sort of flower: the red poppies with which visitors mark the names of loved ones killed during Australia’s wars.


I hope these flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.

Friday Flowers: Going Local

This week the flowers are less glamorous and ostentatious than last week’s Parisian beauties. I thought I’d share the flowers which smothered a paperbark aka Melaleuca on the roadside near our place a week or so ago for a brief while. (No, the red sploshes aren’t fruit…someone had unobligingly parked their car there, and the sun was in the wrong direction to shoot elsewhere).



I love the character of Melaleucas and am especially fond of the ones we used to see on the Yellow Waters cruise, when the boat tour went up to the billabong “forest”. They are plants which like, and can tolerate, a lot of water so you will often see them near waterways.

The melaleuca "forest" at the far end of Yellow Waters billabong.

The melaleuca “forest” at the far end of Yellow Waters billabong.

Click to enlarge the photo and see if you can spot the small jacana walking on the water lillies near the edge of the photo.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope these Aussie flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.



Friday Flowers: Paris Blooms

Greetings on Friday 13th! Rather than get superstitious let’s enjoy some beautiful Parisian blooms from our trip mid-2014. We saw some beautiful florists’ shops in our meanderings so today’s treat is a small sample of them….perhaps there’ll be more in the coming weeks?

PARIS 9 008PARIS 9 011DSC_0002 (2)
I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


Friday Flowers: Happy Faces

Apart from my travel hobby of looking at florists’ shops with their floral displays, I sometimes find myself in garden nurseries as well. I visited this one in Brisbane late last September and photographed these happy faces. Do you enjoy visiting nurseries? I confess I’m something of an addict  – surely there’s always room for one more teeny, tiny plant?DSC_2372 DSC_2370

I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


Friday Flowers: Pansies and memories

As you know I photograph flowers whenever I travel and in Salt Lake recently, that was pansies..they were in large pots along the footpaths. The poor little things couldn’t quite decide if they should be out, and at times looked a little frost-bitten and scraggly despite the unseasonally warm weather.

Pansies always remind me of my mother, who grew them in her garden before her move to the retirement home. They are also a reminder of Mum’s aunt, who loved pansies and also gave me little teacups with pansy patterns.

So here are my frosty Salt Lake City pansies.


Just checking if you noticed. These tulips were in Harmon’s grocery for $5 so I indulged in a bunch for my hotel room…it’s not often I’m in one place long enough when travelling to buy flowers.

DSC_2789 DSC_2790 DSC_2801 DSC_2803 DSC_2819 DSC_2821 DSC_2827 DSC_2828Which is your favourite? Mine is the last one…but then I’m a purple obsessive.

I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


Friday Flowers: Return to the past

A couple of years ago I posted this story and as it has such vibrant tropical flowers I thought I’d share it again.DSC_0064

Back in 2012 I planned to upload 365 photos over the year, with each image as a stand-alone “event”. In the end I posted on 173 days, but uploaded 466 photos, and couldn’t resist adding commentary to most. DSC_0033

This post included some of the photos we took on our 2012 trip back to Papua New Guinea when we mainly visited Alotau and Samarai. We wondered how many of these magnificent hibiscus were descendants of my mother-in-law’s 1960s hibiscus collection, some sourced from as far away as Hawaii.

Red Hibiscus at Samarai

Red Hibiscus at Samarai

And to place them in context, this is the view from the house the family lived in on Samarai. Sadly the house is no more. If you want to read more about our experiences on this sentimental return voyage, you can read them on this link to my other blog, Family History Across the Seas.

81 In front of Cass place

I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.