Friday Flowers: Paris Blooms

Greetings on Friday 13th! Rather than get superstitious let’s enjoy some beautiful Parisian blooms from our trip mid-2014. We saw some beautiful florists’ shops in our meanderings so today’s treat is a small sample of them….perhaps there’ll be more in the coming weeks?

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I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


Cassmob Hibiscus genetics

This poor little blog has been sadly neglected over Christmas etc. When I started it I’d planned to post 365 photos over 2012 with each image as a stand-alone “event”. In the end I posted on 173 days, but uploaded 466 photos, and couldn’t resist adding commentary to most. 3900 viewers read the posts over the course of the year.

Normally I only post photos of the Northern Territory here (and I still have plenty on file to upload in due course), but for a change (for all of us) I’d include some of the photos we took on our recent trip to Papua New Guinea when we mainly visited Alotau and Samarai. After all when we lived in Alotau it was still in the Territory of Papua New Guinea and it is also tropical. Well that’s my justification anyway!


If you want to read more about our experiences on this sentimental return voyage, you can read them on this link to my other blog, Family History Across the Seas.


When growing up on Samarai, Mr Cassmob’s mother used to import hibiscus from all over, including Hawaii. We wondered as we looked at these ones growing in the grounds of the Catholic Church (near where they lived) if they were the horticultural descendants of those imported hibiscus although they’re not all that exotic.

Red Hibiscus at Samarai

Red Hibiscus at Samarai


Floral delicacy

At the weekend we had a garden working bee in our common property area. Things were lopped, dug out and generally knocked into line. Along the way I spotted this gorgeous little flower on one of the crotons…oh so delicate. We all agreed we’d never seen one of these plants flowering before, possibly because they’re not obvious against the colours of the plant’s leaves.

Generally tropical flowers are brash and colourful while this one was dainty and discreet. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Orchid flamboyance

At the recent Garden Expo I took these photos of some magnificent orchids which were for sale by Jenny’s Orchid Garden, at Howard’s Springs just south of Darwin. If you find yourself in Darwin on holidays then it’s worth a look. I may yet overcome my reluctance to be a destroyer of orchids, and give them another try. Aren’t they beautiful and flamboyant?


Sunny days

On a morning walk near our place I came across this shrub with beautiful sunny flowers. Doesn’t it look cheerful? It looks a bit like a gerbera but it isn’t.