Australia Day 2012 in Darwin

Not much need for the sunscreen or the NT News giggle hat but the bug spray was handy today.

As you saw from yesterday’s posts, we’ve had a bit of wild weather these past couple of days. Many of the planned celebrations were “rained out” (cancelled due to the rain and wind) to the frustration of some (many?).

The high tide + wind effects meant that last night the water was breaking over the esplanade and the jetty at Nightcliff, with sand on the road there and at Fannie Bay.

Consequently Nightcliff was the place to be today as people came to see the surf and effects of the weather. We do like a bit of weather in the Top End!

I’ll have some images to show you of the foreshore tomorrow.

The poor deprived Ute drivers who had missed out on the traditional Australia Day ute run, had to settle for driving round town and tooting whenever they went past a crowd. There were certainly some spectacular efforts to liven up the day’s grey weather but I especially liked this one with its pink hub caps, pink tray back and pink snorkel. No idea why the skull and crossbones?! The Territory and Eureka flags got an outing along with variations on the Australian flag.


It’s a bit blowy today

It’s a bit blowy around Darwin today with a monsoon trough hovering off the coast. Yesterday and last night we had heaps of rain but today it’s throwing all its energy into blowing everything around. Our pool had been inhabited by a strange green-striped monster overnight…it rears up like a primeval creature doing a Mexican wave with every strong wind gust. The wind chimes are going nuts!

When you see these photos you’ll know why I’m glad Mr Cassmob’s charter to Gove was cancelled this morning. The streets are covered in leaf litter and branches but to my surprise there was no flooding that we came across.

My hair looked a lot like these palm trees after being out in the wind. I struggled to stay on an even keel and I’m no featherweight.

Plovers: Good parents or evil bombers?

I took this image yesterday on the waterfront at Fannie Bay. My daughter calls these birds evil because of their inclination to attack passers-by willy-nilly. It is pretty disconcerting to be bombed by them, but as one of my indigenous colleagues said “they’re great parents” and heaven help anyone who comes close to their chicks. Yesterday they were in foraging mode and while they kept their beady eyes on me, they were happy enough to leave me alone.

Chinese Beach Art – Museum & Art Gallery of NT

This photo was taken some years ago during the NT Writers’ Festival. As this weekend celebrates Chinese New Year 2012, Year of the Dragon, ¬†it seemed an appropriate image. I particularly like how art reflects nature with the the ribbons on the art work mirroring the¬†pandanus fronds.

Storm clouds approaching

Late yesterday afternoon the storm clouds built up over the city but it all came to naught. A fairly typical scene at this time of year.

Storm clouds over Darwin city.