Shadow Shot Sunday: The shadows of slavery

Sunlight masks a sober sculpture

The cruel shadowed history of slavery

Men and women, wrapped in chainsslave sculpture

Trapped in dark cellars

Whipped to test endurance

Silence increasing their priceSlave whipping point

Shipped far away

A legacy of lost heritage

Pain, Courage, EnduranceSlave chambers

This is written and inspired by my friend Kristin and all her fellow African Americans whose ancestors suffered similar fates.

This memorial to the slaves is in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The site of the old whipping point is behind the altar of the Anglican Cathedral, and the former cellars under a nearby building.

This post is my contribution to this week’s Shadow Shot Sunday.

Shadow Shot Sunday

It’s a bit blowy today

It’s a bit blowy around Darwin today with a monsoon trough hovering off the coast. Yesterday and last night we had heaps of rain but today it’s throwing all its energy into blowing everything around. Our pool had been inhabited by a strange green-striped monster overnight…it rears up like a primeval creature doing a Mexican wave with every strong wind gust. The wind chimes are going nuts!

When you see these photos you’ll know why I’m glad Mr Cassmob’s charter to Gove was cancelled this morning. The streets are covered in leaf litter and branches but to my surprise there was no flooding that we came across.

My hair looked a lot like these palm trees after being out in the wind. I struggled to stay on an even keel and I’m no featherweight.