The Wave Pool in the Dry

The Wave Pool at the Darwin Waterfront has been, in my opinion, a great success story (Thank you Hendo!). Much loved by Darwinites who usually can’t swim in the ocean because of deadlies like stingers, crocs and sharks, its popularity had waned a little at the weekend with the drop in temperatures.

Never mind we’ll reacclimatise to this chilly 22oC of the Dry Season soon enough, and get back into the swing of swimming (maybe). It pays to remember that Australians are famously A weird mob and among the Aussies, Territorians may well be the weirdest of them all (and proud of it!)

The Wave Pool in an off-wave-cycle. Around 11am the empty "tyres" tell their own tale...not many people in the pool.

The waves have picked up and so have the crowds. It's about 1pm and the temps probably about 30C.