Fun for grandchildren

Master 3 and I recently borrowed this toy from the Darwin Toy Library and it was a big hit with both of us as well as Master nearly 6, big brother.

If you have grandchildren you might be interested in it. There is an A to Z alphabet on the mat, the animals have the relevant letter on the front, and when you combine the two it says, for example, “E” for Elephant and makes an elephant’s noise. Very cool. Then there’s all the imaginary games you can play with it as well. Quite the hit!

Darwin Toy Library

Darwin has a young population overall, fewer older people, fewer women than other places, many families with no grandparents or extended family, and the population turns over by nearly 50% every four or five years. In short, atypical population data. One of the great things about Darwin is the facilities provided for young families and children. For that matter the NT government also provides good support to seniors.

One of the great facilities for parents is the Darwin Toy Library which is just like an ordinary library but with toys instead of (well including) books. The current favourites are the BBQ set and a farm set and an array of jigsaw puzzles. Older brother’s favourite used to be the police car.