Croc country

On Tuesday we went to Crocosaurus Cove in town to see the crocs and snakes because my grandson loves to see the critters. He also calls it Crocodilesaurus…or does he mean Crocodile Saw Us? The Sun Princess cruise ship was in town so there were quite a few tourists checking out this tourist venue. Personally I’ve never seen the big attraction to crocs but it seems I’m on my own with that view.

We had a good outing and weren’t there all that long as Small Boy visits quite regularly.¬†Anyway I thought I’d share some of the Crocosaurus Cove residents with you.

He doesn’t look large in the water but he’s about 4.6metres. You wouldn’t want to meet him in the water anywhere.

Mr Goanna checks out his company.

I think these were small sand goannas but I didn’t take a note of their name.