Never smile at a crocodile

It’s not taking a photo a day that’s a problem…it’s getting organised to upload them when life gets busy. This week has been all about sorting and tidying and finding some papers that went AWOL so photo uploading went by the board.

Given this is a Territory blog, and taking a leaf from the local rag newspaper, what’s a week without a croc story. Given there was a cool breeze and it was a balmy 21C earlier this week, I took Master Almost-Three to Darwin’s Crocodylus Park (not Crocosaurus where we went the other week).  I thought it would be a change to see the monkeys, lion and tigers but was disappointed to find no sighting of the tigers (I think one died of old age lately but I did think there were two -perhaps I misremembered) and the lion and ocelot were having lovely naps in the sun.

The monkeys were full of life, moving from pillar to post…a little like the three year old. He’s no longer scared of the crocs so we had a look as they tried to encourage one to jump to take his morning snack but his little croc heart just wasn’t in it…too well fed obviously. On the way out the crocs were sunning themselves with their mouths open to cool down.

Have you seen a Cassowary? They come from Far North Queensland, and can do incredible damage with their vicious kick if you provoke them…best to give them a wide berth in the wild.