Little China @ the Festival

The Chinese community has a proud history in Darwin and the Chung Wah Society plays an important role in major events around town. Last weekend Brown’s Mart was the focus on the Little China activities under the Darwin Festival banner.  I loved the contrast of the red Chinese lanterns against the old stone buildings.

While the sight of Chinese lions is fairly common especially at Chinese New Year, I’ve never seen such a collection in one place before. It was really impressive and the grandchildren enjoyed the spectacle too.  They’re cheeky too, and will come up to you and flutter their eyelashes and one of them head-butted me to get my (and my camera’s) attention.

Even quite small children had a part to play in the festivities -and were pretty excited to get a free voucher to the fancy ice-cream shop after their performance.

The Chinese dragon wound its way around the Festival grounds.

Putting their heads together!

The sound of the musicians and drummers alerts you to the arrival of the lions and dragon.

It’s definitely hard work being either half of the Chinese lion.

Great work everyone! Thanks for all the fun.

Darwin shopping Chinese Dragon style

Competition was fierce for computing bargains in Harvey Norman today perhaps he’s been listening in to Roots Tech 2012.

Then the Dragon made his way to the appliance section accompanied by loud drumming from his friends.

Having intimidated the competition by staring them in the eye.

He became submissive waiting for his reward of lettuce.

No doubt his presence will be auspicious for Harvey Norman’s business throughout 2012. I’m glad we saw him today because he’s eluded us at every turn this year.

The Dragon and Lion dancing troupe from the Chung Wah Society play an important role in Darwin’s events and of course Chinese New Year is a highlight. I suspect I’m wrong calling this handsome fella a Dragon and that’s he’s actually a Lion but old habits die hard.