You woke me up!

Some times a cat can’t get good parents…just happy as Larry on my own chair and she comes and “flashes” in my eyes. It’s getting too hot to be busy.


On the unexpected arrival of grandchildren

What are you doing here? It’s not Tuesday! His Royal Furriness is less than impressed by the unexpected arrival of grandchildren. It IS his house after least that’s his view.

Just a tabby tat but a handsome one!

He’s a handsome boy, fluffy and cuddly-looking. Sadly not cuddly at all …he fibbed when he told me this when I picked him out. In fact he’s the least cuddly cat we’ve ever owned, ┬ábut he does like to be near us.

As I’ve said he’s no fan of the grandchildren but despite the fact that he doesn’t like them, they still love him.

The cat and the grandchildren

There are days when the cat thinks there are just too many grandchildren in HIS house, ie ANY. He ┬ádeals with this by seeing them off the premises virtually every time they visit….or sitting on their table to prove it really is his house. He’s the same age as the eldest grandson and he’s got a severe dose of sibling rivalry.