Honeyeater in the pink

This little honeyeater was enjoying the early morning honey in this pink flowered bush in our garden. Cute isn’t he? Oops, sorry I’ve uploaded these before but they may as well stay here now.

They’re pretty funny because they shriek full-tilt when they see the cat, thereby alerting the cat to their presence. Silence would be a much better strategy even though he’ll usually just sit and look at them.

Lorikeets in the Umbrella tree

The umbrella tree is in full flower at present and so it’s the avian restaurant of the day. Late yesterday afternoon the birds were busy snacking, and almost as busy avoiding my camera. A couple of times I thought I had the two lorikeets then they’d take fright and flight! ┬áThis is as close as I could get, even with the telephoto lens.

I kept trying to get a photo of the rainbow lorikeet on the bottom left, with the sun illuminating his colours….but then he’d change position.