Storm debris Nightcliff foreshore

I missed posting these images yesterday but better late than never.

This week’s storms have stirred up the ocean beds and deposited soft corals, seaweed and sponges on the foreshore.

Such was the force of the ocean that it picked up large rocks and dumped them in strange places. I don’t know if this one was there before the storm, or thrown up during it, but I liked  the patterning.

I have also uploaded some more of the post-storm pictures to my Flickr site here.

Australia Day 2012 in Darwin

Not much need for the sunscreen or the NT News giggle hat but the bug spray was handy today.

As you saw from yesterday’s posts, we’ve had a bit of wild weather these past couple of days. Many of the planned celebrations were “rained out” (cancelled due to the rain and wind) to the frustration of some (many?).

The high tide + wind effects meant that last night the water was breaking over the esplanade and the jetty at Nightcliff, with sand on the road there and at Fannie Bay.

Consequently Nightcliff was the place to be today as people came to see the surf and effects of the weather. We do like a bit of weather in the Top End!

I’ll have some images to show you of the foreshore tomorrow.

The poor deprived Ute drivers who had missed out on the traditional Australia Day ute run, had to settle for driving round town and tooting whenever they went past a crowd. There were certainly some spectacular efforts to liven up the day’s grey weather but I especially liked this one with its pink hub caps, pink tray back and pink snorkel. No idea why the skull and crossbones?! The Territory and Eureka flags got an outing along with variations on the Australian flag.