About me

Pauleen 4I am an avid (obsessive) family historian and my main blog is Family History across the Seas where I talk about my family history research, immigrants to Australia from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria and East Clare in Ireland. Every now & then I also talk about life in the Top End of Australia where I live, which happens on this blog, Tropical Territory.

Tropical Territory started last year with a focus on images of life in the Top End…my take (so to speak) on the 365Project. Not every photo will be taken on that day or the day before, as sometimes life just gets in the way or I may be travelling. Because this is all about the Territory, on those days I’ll post one I’ve taken previously.

Update 2013: While I posted many photos throughout 2012, I didn’t make the 365 days. As the blog has evolved it has become as much about the story as the photos as I try to share with you a little about life in Australia’s Top End.

I still enjoy sharing photos so will be doing more of that through 2013. I’ll also be including some photos from a 2012 visit to PNG -our first since the late 1970s.

Throughout April 2013, I’ve also been participating in the 2013 A to Z challenge on this blog – you can read more about my theme here.

Inspired by that jaunt I’m also thinking I might expand the blog to include travel photos around Australia, for my own indulgence, and also hopefully for yours.

You can contact me via the social media listed in the sidebar, by leaving comments or by email cassmob [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks for visiting!

Please do leave a comment from time to time, as they make my day!

As well as family history I also write about the books I’ve been reading on my Bewitched by Books blog.

8 thoughts on “About me

  1. YAY! Finally a blog about my favourite place in Australia – The Territory, I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Hi, I am an A-Z blog buddy stopping by to say hi. you can see me at shaylakwiatkowski.blogspot.com & amazon.com/author/shaylakwiatkowski

  3. While searching 1942 Darwin bombing, I came across your blog. Recently I acquired some documents which includes photocopies of 19th Feb1942 correspondences from that office, list of complete staff and a detailed account of bombing by a staff member plus 27th anniversary speech etc. My email is daudtahiruk@gmail.com. Daud Tahir

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