Friday Flowers: Pansies and memories

As you know I photograph flowers whenever I travel and in Salt Lake recently, that was pansies..they were in large pots along the footpaths. The poor little things couldn’t quite decide if they should be out, and at times looked a little frost-bitten and scraggly despite the unseasonally warm weather.

Pansies always remind me of my mother, who grew them in her garden before her move to the retirement home. They are also a reminder of Mum’s aunt, who loved pansies and also gave me little teacups with pansy patterns.

So here are my frosty Salt Lake City pansies.

Just checking if you noticed. These tulips were in Harmon’s grocery for $5 so I indulged in a bunch for my hotel room…it’s not often I’m in one place long enough when travelling to buy flowers.

DSC_2789 DSC_2790 DSC_2801 DSC_2803 DSC_2819 DSC_2821 DSC_2827 DSC_2828Which is your favourite? Mine is the last one…but then I’m a purple obsessive.

I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine and happiness to your day.


6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers: Pansies and memories

  1. Love the antepenultimate one! As well as the summer flowering ones, we have winter flowering pansies too and although sometimes bedraggled, they brighten the winter months. Love them all year round!

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