Friday Flowers: Christmas is coming

While the northern hemisphere is visited by monochrome whites and greys interspersed with evergreen foliage, Down Under we know Christmas is coming when the poincianas start flowering. This year they flowered early in Darwin and most are now running out of puff with only a scattering of blossoms. I photographed these a few weekends ago.

DSC_2536 - CopyAlthough I’d gathered a couple of images, it was this magnificent display in the Darwin Botanic Gardens that blew the others off the page. Actually if you look closely it’s two trees growing close together as one side has a slightly more orange tint while the other is quite red. I love the park bench, in red, under the canopy.

DSC_2545 - Copy

 I hope these gorgeous flowers have brought sunshine to you this Friday as you plan for Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Friday Flowers: Christmas is coming

    1. Liz, I had to think about this. I don’t think they are part of the same family as they have different species names….so my guess is not, though they’re both equally colourful. Poinsettias don’t normally flower here at this time of the year (summer). I think they’re a winter flower generally but because they’re associated with Christmas in Europe they tend to be force-fed to bloom here in pots for the holidays.

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