Sepia Saturday: Revisiting Expo Fun

Sepia Saturday 256On close reflection it seems that parades like the one featured in this week’s Sepia Saturday image seem to have been rather infrequent in my life, or else they haven’t been photographed. However the combination of festivities and whacky designs took me back to the fun days of Expo 88, an event which turned Brisbane on its head and changed it forever, I think. I wrote about how we all enjoyed it in an earlier Sepia Saturday post.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the whacky statues that were tucked around the site, awaiting discovery and generating a giggle or two.

The Expo site, now the South Bank precinct, was once a rather unsalubrious area of Brisbane with dry docks and inadequate housing. These particular characters are a nod to that past.

Expo 88003b Expo 88008b_edited-1Expo 88004bAnd then there were the site workers:

Expo 88002b Expo 88005bAnd the Aussie themes:

Expo 88001aExpo 88006a Expo 88006b Expo 88005aThe lifesavers:

Expo 88003aAnd the entertainers:

Expo 88002a Expo 88008aAnd sometimes balancing all the things to see and do was quite a challenge.Expo 88007a

If you’re wondering what happened to your favourite Expo Art you might find this Art Trail helpful. And to see some more of the whacky parades and people click here.

Why not parade over to Sepia Saturday and see what other festivities the Sepians have in store this week?

18 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday: Revisiting Expo Fun

    1. That would surely have taken the shine off it a little Chris 😉 All the Cass mob had a great time there, in various combos, with other family members. So pleased we splashed the cash with a season pass for the family – we surely got our money’s worth.

    1. I did a quick search Little Nell & it turns out they were mostly made of fibreglass. I’ve added links to where they went and other images from Expo to the bottom of my story.

    1. Quite a few found their way around the city – in building foyers etc. Of course there were lots of photos with people taken to “fit in” with the statue theme.

  1. All i remember from seeing the Brisbane Expo on TV was that giant kangaroo with the moving eyes, but those sculptures were fun, even though some look rather kitsch.

  2. These were fantastic and very imaginative sculpture. Public art is very important for establishing a civic identity. Some grand patriotic monuments never really achieve much while good humored art like this is more memorable.

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