Sepia Saturday 202: Sandcastles, coats and spots

Sepia Saturday 202Sepia Saturday’s image for Week 202 focuses on a couple at the beach with a strange looking toy.Rach at beach The Hague

The family image that came to mind was one we took on a trip to Europe in 1977. We had taken the children to the beach for an outing as we so often did at home. Although it was around Easter and still quite chilly it did seem strange to see everyone on the beach in their boots and coats, whereas we were used to the kids being in singlets and knickers.

Louisa and Rach sandcastles The Hague

As always the girls just picked up their usual habit of building sand castles which attracted the attention of this spotty Dalmatian.

If my memory serves correctly, we were only at the beach because we had to spend additional days in the Netherlands because my husband’s passport etc etc had been stolen on an Amsterdam tram late on the Friday evening. On the Monday we had to go to the Australian embassy in The Hague to get a new passport issued, then back to Amsterdam to reissue our Amex travellers cheques. On the way into the embassy daughter #1 (in the red jumper) got her finger stuck in the hinges of the big glass door. One of those situations where no matter what strategy you employed there was pain, and yelling, involved.

Phase 2 of the process in the UK, with visas and more travellers cheques of a different brand, didn’t go nearly so smoothly. We spent so much time shuttling between the Nepalese embassy, the PNG consultate and the bank that we had a much more limited opportunity to sightsee around London. Lessons of the story: make sure one of each of you has their own passport and money (tick) and try never to have your passport stolen!

14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 202: Sandcastles, coats and spots

    1. Thanks Wendy. You’re right, nearly all our photos have a story behind them that isn’t covered by a simple name and date inscription. I’m about to add some more to the story.

  1. Nicely on theme Pauleen. I have to say I join you in being relieved at where we live now. We could walk around in singlets and knickers all day if we wanted – we don’t of course!

    1. hi Bob, Yes I can imagine that you are starting to feel the cold weather bite, and yes a big contrast between the beaches. But just to offset your “envy”, we can’t swim at that beach (or any in the Top End) for fear of deadly stingers, crocs and sharks, certainly not at this time of the year. Pauleen

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