Clipped wings

Driving the Stuart Highway often introduces some unusual sights. On our drive to Brisbane back in June we came across this sight at the Daly Waters Hi Way Inn, where they have a light aircraft on display full time. However it’s not often you’ll see a military aircraft with its wings clipped, travelling on the back of a road train.

Why, you ask, was this happening? Well this old fighter jet is going to be part of the displays at Darwin’s Aviation Museum sometime in the future. It will be fun to see it again, with its wings restored. Conversations in Longreach revealed it had been languishing near the QANTAS Museum on its long drive. In its heyday this aircraft would have gobbled up the air miles, now it was reduced to covering the 3300 kms from Amberley Air Force Base in a slow and not-so-stately way.

Blow me down, by sheer coincidence, the Museum officially received the logbooks for the F111 on Saturday. You can read the story here.

An F111 on the road to Darwin.
An F111 on the road to Darwin.

Definitely one for aircraft junkies.

F11 on the move_edited-1

6 thoughts on “Clipped wings

  1. Whilst in the RAAF my hubbie worked on the F111’s… There’s a story about his lack of judgement when towing, one time, and the wing of the aircraft met unexpectedly with a fire hydrant… ha ha ha 🙂

  2. This is one reason I love road trips. You never know when you’ll come across a once in a lifetime view on the road. Great pictures ( : Crazy to think of a powerful aircraft grounded like that. Visually striking.

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