Passport to April

My friend Crissouli wanted to know where she could get her passport stamped after completing our Top End tour in the A to Z challenge. So I thought I’d put together a collage of some of the month’s pictures.


Once again a HUGE thank you to the many people who visited during April and supported me in this challenge…it’s your encouraging comments that helped keep me going. I do hope you also enjoyed yourselves along the way. Good on ya, mate!

And if you really want a passport stamp this might suffice.

A to Z supporter_edited-1

13 thoughts on “Passport to April

  1. Pauline I found you through Bear’s site. Im sorry I didnt get here sooner. I have been going through your entries. THere were so many blogs to visit on a2z. I will have to return as Ive lost track of time being here and have to get to work. COngrats on finishing! Z~

    1. Thanks Zoe, I think we often find each other through someone else’s sites. There’s just been so much to follow this time. I’m glad you could join me. Enjoy work 😉 Pauleen

    1. Thanks Sharon, I still have a few of yours to catch up on. I think you’ve done a great theme to help people get into family history. Pauleen

  2. Love the Passport stamp.. and the collage…it sure has been a busy month… Must get on to reading some of the others as well. Looking forward to the next challenge…

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