Z is for THE END

a-to-z-letters-z Z is for THE END

Isn’t it a great achievement of determination and commitment for all of us to have reached the end of the A to Z challenge for 2013? I can’t wait for my Survivor’s Badge. Meanwhile…today we’re back over in the Kimberley in Western Australia.


Zebedee Springs is a fresh water spring on the El Questro property. It’s a popular spot for a cool swim and relaxation, so much so that the hours are regulated with residents in the morning and tour groups in the afternoon. I wouldn’t personally place it as high on my list as some of the more picturesque fresh water springs but I did enjoy my dip when we visited.Zebedee springs low


Zebra Rock is a strange geological feature of the Kimberley from near the Ord River (also home of those gorgeous Argyle pink diamonds!).

Zebra Rock low

Zebra Rock is a pretty and much cheaper souvenir if you’re over touring there. It looks nice when it’s polished up and oiled or lacquered – something that’s been on my “gunna” list for an embarrassingly long time. The diamonds are great too if you have a lots of cash to splash!

Working on the Zebra Rock.
Working on the Zebra Rock.

As this is the finale, I’d like to say THANK YOU for touring with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual travel and that it may encourage you to visit Down Under sometime. I still have lots of blog reading to catch up from with the challenge and I’m planning to do another Sunday Synopsis soon. I’ve enjoyed reading the stories others have written but I’m also miles behind with posts. 


Zac: is the vernacular term for the old sixpence, equivalent to the current 5 cent piece. Since decimal currency was adopted on 14 February 1966, the term has faded into near obligion.

Zonked: Exhausted, super tired from a big effort at something eg “I’m zonked from completing the A to Z challenge and I’m off to ‘catch some zzzs’.”

Z as an abbreviation: Most Australians have an obsessive compulsion to shorten names (just try that with my husband!!). A frequent modification is the replacement of part of the name with a couple of zzs. Sharon becomes Shazza: Barry is Bazza (why? It’s not even shorter); Dazza for Darren; Kezza for Kerry. I’m sure my Aussie mates will have some extras for you in the comments. I admit to being un-Australian in this regard –I really don’t like the habit.

See you soon – the photos and stories will continue, just not every day!

Image courtesy of Office Images online.
Image courtesy of Office Images online.

21 thoughts on “Z is for THE END

  1. The zebra rock looks interesting. I’m sure it’s beautiful when polished up and all. I can hardly believe the challage is over. What will I do now, with all that time?? After my nap.

    1. hi Bill, Great to have you along for this voyage and into the future. Didn’t know there were Channel Nuts Uni strut Zebedee….still don’t know what they’re for 😉 Can I use the “I’m a girl” excuse? Pauleen

  2. I wouldn’t mind one of those Zebra stones.

    Some people call me Shazza and I don’t mind but then sometimes I don’t like it. I suppose it is how it is said and who says it?

  3. The Magic Roundabout – “Boing! went Zebedee!”
    Well done to both of us on finishing the A-Z Challenge – I have enjoyed this daily look at my country of birth.

  4. An an Englishman emigrating to QLD later this year I’ve found the Aussie-isms highly amusing! 🙂

    Congrats on completing the Challenge!

    1. hi Black Frog, I hope you’re adventure goes well this year. Qld is my home state so I do hope we treat you well. I’m sure you’ll find the Aussie-isms helpful too. Pauleen

      1. I am migrating with my better half, Kirsty – she is a Queensland Top Ender (grew up in Weipa). Although she does shake her head at my attempt at Aussie-isms and bad Aussie accent! 😉

      2. If Kirsty grew up in weipa she’s very familiar with the challenges of distance and remoteness. I wish you all the very best with your new adventure and good luck with acquiring a more convincing accent 🙂

  5. I have enjoyed your blog so much throughout the challenge. Thanks for so many lovely posts full of beautiful pictures and information about places I hope to see one day. 🙂

    1. Thanks Pete-yes it’s unusual. Just as well not every day now as I have unexpected family commitments. Thanks for commenting throughout and being a great reader as well as writer.

  6. Just reciprocating your Zebedee Springs. I’ve never been given a “z” nickname. Lizza doesn’t sound that good does it? John and Cameron get Cuzz short for Curry.

    To think this was written in 2013. It seems a long time ago. I didn’t read it as my first A to Z was 2016. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it and I will try to tick off the places I’ve been and check out the ones I haven’t. We are putting a diesel heater in our caravan next month so we can free camp more easily whatever the time of year. Even in Queensland it gets cold once you are away from the coast.

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