Sunday Synopsis 14 April 2013: A to Z Challenge

A2Z-2013-BADGE-001Small_zps669396f9 (1)Whew, don’t know about you but I started this week on top of the A to Z then it all went downhill with computer problems and other commitments. With so many blogs in the challenge this year it’s certainly a challenge to try to visit a representative sample. I confess there are some that don’t “speak” to me (eg fantasy writing) but then I figure there’ll be others who are right into them.

My Pick of the Week for the past week: Raising the curtain (a serious look at life with a humorous twist)

 I’ve been steadily adding favourite blogs to my Google Reader subscriptions so they’re easy to keep up with.

Here are some of the other A to Zers who I visited this week and enjoyed (if you missed last week’s list why not go and have a look): 

Life’s ride as I see it (motor bike fan on life)

My Rite of Passage (creative writing strategies)

Tossing it out (host Arlee Bird’s posts on music themes)

Tattered Past (Arizona history)

Inspired Life

Lizy Expat Writer

Creative Fog (food and travel)

Kat’s Retirement Journey

Sandy Sanderella’s Musings (as it says, musings etc)

Bob’s Home for Writing
Peanut Butter and Whine (great stories of life and grandchildren and some fabulous art work)
Raising the curtain (a serious yet humorous look at life)

My morning cup of coffee (another addict!)
Travel Bug

Quirkster (photos and travel)(look under Misc tab)

Life is good (co-host Tina writes of her adventures as an immigrant child, leavened with humour).

Where Nature Presides –Kuantan (satellite images around the world)

Silvia Writes (about life)

A2ZMommy and what’s in between (all things ice cream)

Whole Foods Living (healthy vegetable ingredients)

A write a day

Yum! Food Blog

 And a couple of non-“A to Z” blogs I happened across and found interesting:

Diary of a Retiree (great travel photos)

Outnumbered (nice recipes)

I hope you’ve all had a good week blogging and visiting and that this week is productive. We’ve hit the half-way mark, we can make it to the end!!

Thanks to all those who’ve visited my blog, those who’ve commented, and especially those who’ve chosen to follow me.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis 14 April 2013: A to Z Challenge

  1. I’m grateful to the Challenge for introducing me to your blog. Your pictures are amazing and certainly capture the uniqueness of the Territory for all the international readers. Thanks for the HUGE shoutout, Pauleen. I appreciate it greatly. Hope you enjoy the second half of the Challenge as much as the first.

    1. You’re very welcome Curtain Raiser, and I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying my posts and tours of the Territory and the tropical half of Oz.

  2. Hello from the A to Z. I love that you are recapping each week. I have also started each week with the best intentions and then somehow life has gotten in the way. Trying to catch up today and you have inspired me

    1. Glad to have helped Tracy 😉 I’ve been just copying and pasting into a document as I go along-makes it easier for me to keep track of, let alone anyone else 🙂

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