Swimming at Deka Deka

I’ve been rather neglectful of this blog over the past few weeks. Firstly I had a week away in Brisbane with a defunct laptop, then I returned home to find that our much loved tabby cat had disappeared. Three weeks later we’re none the wiser as to what happened to him and exploring every option has taken a fair bit of time, not to mention coming to terms with the absence of his little furry self.

However here I am again, gearing up for the April A to Z challenge, with at least some of the posts ready to go.

Deka Deka, Milne Bay © Pauleen Cass 2012
Deka Deka, Milne Bay © Pauleen Cass 2012

Today I want to post what may be the last of my Papua New Guinea photos. This time it’s a brief glimpse of our outing to a small island off Samarai in Milne Bay. My husband used to visit Deka Deka when he was a small boy so he was particularly pleased to be able to dive into its crystal clear waters. A member of our small group went snorkelling and reported that the coral had been damaged by storms etc, but it certainly didn’t spoil our enjoyment of a brief excursion.

Fancy a swim? © Pauleen Cass 2012
Fancy a swim? © Pauleen Cass 2012

4 thoughts on “Swimming at Deka Deka

    1. Thanks Kristin -it was just gorgeous -so much so that himself forgot he wasn’t 13 any more and jumped in with his hearing aids still on 🙂

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