How gross

I bought this fly trap the other week from our hardware store and while it doesn’t have poison in it, the contents are surely popular with the flies. In fact so much so I ultimately threw it out as it was far too effective, and consequently rather gross.

Meanwhile the wavy paw lizard was only too happy. He worked out that the flies were there and stationed himself above the lid feasting on a fly smorgasbord. I guess I’ve made it harder work for him now it’s gone.

Fly trap or lizard smorgasbord. Clever little critter….and the empty pot container is a failed orchid.

5 thoughts on “How gross

  1. While I don’t like flies, I don’t like the methods of killing them either! We have poisoned thingies to stick on the windows. The flies eat (?) the poisen and then they die quite slowly, buzzing on their backs and scooting round the room. I try to release them before it gets to that point…Bib and Millie like to catch and eat flies. Then they sick them up again. That’s gross too!!!

    1. Yes it’s not great but what can you do. In this trap they drown but I swear they came from miles around to die. Inn the end I’ve given it away as it got too disgusting.

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