Brolga Dreaming

This photo blog has been languishing for a few weeks, not for lack of photos, but perhaps about motivation to get the images posted.

Last week we went for a day trip to Kakadu National Park and just before South Alligator my hawk-eyed husband spotted this group of 22 brolgas. We’ve certainly never seen a group as large as this, and neither has anyone else we’ve spoken to. Our daughter saw a few fat and healthy ones at Litchfield National Park a week or so ago, so perhaps it’s just been a good breeding season.

Whatever the reason we were tickled to bits to have this privileged opportunity and it quite made our day. We thought they looked rather like pictures we’ve seen of flamingos on an African lake, without the pink. What do you think?

Initially nervous they started to wander off -which got them a little away from the grass which was obscuring my image, despite the long telephoto.

2 thoughts on “Brolga Dreaming

  1. They look totally at ease.. in the first photo they look as if they are waiting in a queue for passing food… As for flamingos, I love those almost as much as I love pelicans…

    1. I think they were turning their backs on us Chris. I’ve never seen flamingos en masse….maybe next year. Pellies are among my absolute favourites along with rainbow bee eaters.

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