Ready, Set, Go – the new Waterslide

A couple of weeks ago our eldest daughter had a short stop in Darwin over the weekend. She now lives in Kenya so we haven’t seen her for a while so we packed in lots of fun stuff. The new waterslide at Palmerston was the biggest hit with all the family (except Master 3, too small, and his Nanna, too chicken).

The light’s still red: Get ready

The light changes from amber to green and they’re off racing..

Over in a flash and it kindly numbers which lane was the fastest.

Miss Four just lapped it up and Master nearly-6 was heard to say “Awesome, let’s do it again”…and again…and again. Aunts, mothers and grandfathers were no less keen to oblige.

Not to be defeated by the height, or the edges (both phobias) Nanna did eventually have a go and survived. Not sure whether my knees were knocking from the 90 steps to the top or the phobia fears. Next time I might even do it again…and again…

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