Berry Springs swimming

Berry Springs is a delightful picnic area and nature reserve about 45 minutes south of Darwin. We used to go there regularly for an early morning swim on the weekends but hadn’t been for years. We popped in recently to have a look and find that it’s been made more visitor friendly. How lazy to be able to loll in the spring water and just drift down past the pandanus to another section of the pools. When you hop out it’s as if your hair has had a beauty treatment from the fresh water.

You can float through the pandanus on a li-lo from one pool to the other.

The water pools are only open during the Dry as they can’t guarantee there’ll be no crocs in there until after the Wet is finished and they’ve done some traps/checking.

Pick which pool you fancy.

Rainbow bee-eaters were swirling and dipping over this pool.

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