How to vote – only in the Territory?

Today is Election Day in the Northern Territory and unlike many other countries, Australia has compulsory voting. So I wonder how many votes will this party get? Luckily we’ve reached our own conclusions and this lot won’t figure on our ballot sheet.

No matter the outcome there will be those who are deliriously happy and those who are incredibly despondent. You win some, you lose some…it’s called democracy.

Seen at Mindil markets: there really is a Sex Party. Only in the Territory?

4 thoughts on “How to vote – only in the Territory?

  1. I think compulsory voting is a great idea. Women and girls died so that I have the right to vote, yet for many people it’s a waste of time…and then they complain about the government!!

    1. You’re very right, many people made huge sacrifices for our right to vote. And compulsory voting means we do get a candidate chosen by all the people not just a few. There are times when we all grumble over the candidates but luckily this time we had no such issue as our local member is a great bloke and he retained the seat.

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