It’s all over

Pitch Black 12 finishes officially today and soon the skies over Darwin will once again be the semi-exclusive province of the commercial pilots. No more formation flying or military jets going “hell for leather”.

As a finale I wanted to show you a few shots of various planes coming in to land over Coconut Grove. The carpark on Totem Road was a popular viewing spot.

The RSAF KC-135 Stratotanker (the mid-air refuelling aircraft)
The RAAF Hercules.
RSAF Military Jet: I think it’s the F-15 Eagle. Not a sharp enough pic really.
The RSAF again but not sure which aircraft. Any advice?

If I’ve got the identification of these aircraft incorrect I’ll happily make the correction – please leave a comment by clicking in the bubble beside the title of the post.

For those of you who aren’t into planes, you’ll be pleased to know tomorrow will be a return to more cultural matters with images from the Darwin Aboriginal Art Show last weekend. As much fun as the planes only different.

6 thoughts on “It’s all over

    1. Not as many as I’d loved to have taken Alison due to cultural (and business) sensitivities but hopefully you’ll enjoy today’s and tomorrow’s posts. We’re done with planes for now.

  1. The bottom plane is the RSAF F-16. It is so similar to the F-15 but you’ll notice the single fin at the tail rather than the twin fin on the F-15. 🙂

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