Never smile…

Have I mentioned before that anyone who comes to the Top End is obsessed with crocodiles? Yes, you’re right, I’m sure I have.

This saltie (saltwater crocodile) was languishing in one of the aquarium tanks at the Wildlife Park recently, and from the surface you’d have been flat out seeing him…barely anything visible. You wouldn’t even get a chance to smile at him in the wild, before he’d be on top of you, taking you for a death roll then stashing you under a tree root/branch for a lunch smorgasbord later on. And just because they’re called salties doesn’t mean they aren’t in freshwater.That’s why all those warning signs are around the Top End’s waterholes.

Oh and did I mention that the tally of crocs taken from Top End waterways and the harbour reached 185 on 28 July?

3 thoughts on “Never smile…

  1. Did I mention tat I wouldn’t ever go near one, even if it was behind glass or in a crocodile ‘farm’? I might look from a distance at a stuffed one, but that’s a very small might… I can’t bear the thought of them…

    • Hmm methinks you really don’t like them. I can’t say I do much either, but like the reptile rooms, needs must when grandchildren are mildly obsessed. Besides which it’s worth reminding tourists that they (the crocs!) are seriously scary. We were sitting by a waterhole in WA one very early morning when there was a loud splash. Both nearly jumped out of our skins -but it was only the water bottle falling in 😉

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