Olympic Knitting

After decades of not touching a knitting needle my best friend got me hooked, so to speak, on knitting scarves during my recent trip to Queensland…I think my tally is about a dozen. What fun I had making these quick and easy frilly scarves, and I even got to make a couple for myself!

It’s even cool enough in Darwin (relatively speaking!) to keep knitting here for a while.   Luckily Spotlight has a limited range of yarn in Darwin or I’d be out of control. All my mates who live in less tropical climes have been the beneficiaries of my knitting mania and I’ve a few set aside as gifts, but my hands are itching for something to do now I’ve started. But what to knit next?

What do you think of my Olympic circles? The grey and one purple are mine, the others have gone/are going to good homes.

8 thoughts on “Olympic Knitting

  1. I missed Tropical Territory… welcome back… If you want to knit, then folk in old people’s homes always appreciate scarves, or rugs… I usually do a batch every autumn/winter as it helps to keep my hands working in the cold… There are some fabulous wools and cottons now, easy and quick to knit. Just be aware that if it is for someone in a home, it has to be of a yarn that can take industrial washers…

    Great colours and interesting…

    What about play snakes for the grandchildren? I made those for my children, soft and cuddly and long… long enough to curl into a seat or large pillow to watch tv or enjoy a nap.
    Have fun…

    1. thanks Chris…it got a bit overtaken by life in general. I might have to make another trip to Spotlight after all before it gets too hot to knit. Might need some patterns from someone too.

    1. Catherine the one I liked the best was a Spotlight one called “something” fishnet (fishnet fever). I’ll see if I still have any wrappers. The pattern is here http://promotions.spotlight.com.au/projects/yarn/scarves-hats/E15_12_FISHNETFEVER_RUFFLE_SCARF_PS.pdf. It’s very easy and very forgiving. I did one for a friend in a yarn they had with bobble edges -it was a headache and a half because I kept dropping stitches and couldn’t find them. As I was at my mother’s I also had to bite my tongue 🙂 Yes, will have to pester Chris for patterns I reckon.

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