Open Garden: Tropics anyone?

Today we visited this weekend’s open garden, and what a treat it was. Immediately on entering we were transported to a wonderfully tropical Balinese-influenced home and garden which defines indoor-outdoor living.

Welcome to the garden.

At every turn there were vivid splashes of colour from the orchids or bromeliads or just the cordelines (not quite my favourite plants).

A dramatic bromeliad with its punchy pink colours.

Don’t you love the delicacy of this hibiscus?

Then there were the statues, Balinese check fabric on the palm trees, little water ponds and the modular house design with its open-air bathroom (minimum walls) and the huge outdoor entertainment area, not to mention that delicious Bali hut with its day bed.

Good book or snooze anyone?

Strangely almost all the visitors had this strange green colouring to match the tropical green of the garden….Lotto dreams dancing in their eyes. The owners have done an absolutely fantastic job of their garden. Another indoor-outdoor style but a completely different aesthetic from last weekend’s though both were equally engaging. Add in fantastic home-made cupcakes and cakes, and fresh coffee from Coffee Angels, and what more could you want! For $6 a head+coffee+cake, this has got to be the best value entertainment in Darwin this weekend šŸ™‚

I love the drama of this cycad.

If you’re in Darwin this weekend make this a “must see” outing!

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