I’ll be a Batchelor girl…Open Garden

As I mentioned, last week got away from me so now I’m sharing with you photos of the Open Garden held at Batchelor a week ago. Batchelor is about 1.5 hrs drive down the Stuart Highway from Darwin but as Mr Cassmob used to work there, he knows the route well.

This was another fascinating garden with an equally interesting award-winning house. It was a bit strange I must admit, strolling through someone’s house like you owned it. As with the past weekend’s house, this is a type of house you would find in very few places. Simple, open plan with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living right down to the cooking.

The garden was landscaped to provide lots of wonderful nooks in which to chill out, read a book or have a quiet drink, or a nap in the shade. Interspersed through the garden were statues or little features. It would be interesting to see this garden in the wet with its mini-creek under the front pathway.

We tarried a while in this shady nook and had our delicious little lemon meringue tarts and a lemon-grass jelly. Delicious!

One of the owners has his own blog which you might like to look at as it shows images of the house and garden.What an amazing garden they’ve achieved in a few short years.

I am a sucker for a Hoya and this one was a magnificently-rich colour. They also one of the really tiny-flowered ones that I have in my garden.
This Ixora was fairly bursting out of its skin with colour.
I looked at these rosellas and thought longingly of rosella jam.
A zig-zag heliconia. (Don’t know its correct name)

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