Fred’s Pass Rural Show

As I mentioned, it’s all systems go in the Top End now the Dry is here. As well as the Open Gardens it’s also agricultural show time. Last weekend was the Fred’s Pass Rural Show (FPRS) and we went along with our daughter and the small boys. I like the FPRS because it’s a manageable size…not too much of anything or spread across too vast an area. It also draws the people from the acreage areas south of Darwin and plays to their interests in all things rural.

Signs of the past: the travelling shop, with a dollop of wild west influences.

You’d think having won first prize he’d have looked happier than this!

It still has the vibe of an agricultural show though on a smaller scale. There were prize chickens, cattle and goats, wood-chopping and dressage, but strangely no polocrosse (that we saw) this year. Showbags, rides and all manner of tempting things for small people -quite enough to exhaust the older members of the visiting team.

How cute do this nanny and her kid look!

We were all taken with this impressive sand sculpture.

The bloke at the far back is the world champion at woodchop.

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