The Rubbish Warrior’s work

The Rubbish Warrior, Trevor Jenkins, has become something of a feature of Top End life recently. He is a homeless man who collects rubbish off the footpaths etc and forms them into tepees of cultural sculpture. Recently he ran for Mayor of Darwin in the local government elections and while he didn’t even come close to being mayor, he only lost out on a position as alderman due to the preferential voting distributions. On  my visit to Palmerston Library the other day he was back to work collecting rubbish and turning it into an urban commentary.

2 thoughts on “The Rubbish Warrior’s work

    • I don’t know his backstory about why he’s homeless, but you’re right he could sell a suite of these to a gallery and buy a nice home…A lot less weird than some too, but in art I’m conservative.

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