All that sparkles

Paspaley Pearls is one of Darwin’s most famous businesses. Their beautifully crafted and styled jewellery is seen on the best-dressed women and in the most prestigious magazines. They hardly need me to promote their presence (and, no, sadly no benefits to me) but I thought you might like to see some of the “sparklies” that tempted passengers from the Queen Mary 2.

The images aren’t all superb because they are window displays but I’m sure you’ll manage to get the idea. Isn’t my other half lucky that I’m just not that “into” pearls? Argyle Diamonds  however are on my wish list…a nice cognac diamond would be very well received, though others prefer the pink diamonds. A girl can wish I suppose though I don’t like my chances given I don’t wear expensive rings 😉 Perhaps I could connive at a trip to Kununurra in the future.

I'm guessing this is one of the top-of-the-range pieces. Beautiful isn't it?

The simple black leather band and pearl is closely associated with Clare Martin, former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory as she was wearing something similar when the Labor Party in the NT won its landslide, and unexpected, victory in 2001.

The simple black leather choker with a white pearl is a wear-anywhere classic. It can also be worn with a chain that truly sparkles as an alternative. I'm guessing the black pearls are prestige items.

Sparkles anyone?

I do love the story of the lady who went glammed up to an event thinking she looked pretty special in her pearls …until all the Paspaley women arrived wearing theirs! Out-sparkled methinks.

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