More bat-like every day

As a change of pace from all the heavy posts over the last few days, we’re back in the garden. The bat-plant flower is maturing daily and looking more and more like it’s namesake. I might have a go at trying to get the seeds to germinate this year. Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “More bat-like every day

  1. Hello Pauline, I love your blog and your bat plant photos are fabulous. Could I have permission to use the first one in a YouTube video please?

      • Sorry to hear it is no longer flowering. But that kind of ties in with my theme. Hoping to upload a video on the 3 plants that broke my heart. You can guess which one of them was. My channel is Gardening at Douentza on YouTube.
        I would be delighted if you allowed me to use the photo as it is a perfect example of the plant I tried to grow but failed miserably at 😀
        Thank you for replying and it’s no problem if you prefer not to.

    • Thank you. Thank you. Unfortunately I was in a rush to make the video so I went with a bat plant photo from CC. Yours was better though 🙂
      Anyway, the video is scheduled for upload tomorrow if you still want to see it.

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