Lest we forget

This morning I did a quick trip into town to have a look at the memorials and the floral tributes. I was surprised how well the wreaths have held up in the very hot and humid weather, though perhaps last night’s rain refreshed them a little. There were wreaths from the all sorts of people. In the centre here I can see one from the Chief Minister, Paul Henderson, the purple one to the left of the poppies is from the USA and the poppy wreath is from the UK, to single out just a few. I liked the wreath from the Larrakia people, traditional owners of the land on which Darwin is situated. The card said:  For all the lives lost we say sorry, For all those who served we say thank you, For the Larakia soldiers we walk with your spirit every day,  From Larakia People. There were also some rather magnificent displays of tropical flowers near the walkway for the special visitors yesterday. I thought you might like too see an example. I try for privacy reasons to keep people out of the frame but in a big crowd it’s almost impossible. On a side note we were impressed with the art work that the NT school students had done to represent the bombing. It’s currently on display at the Chan Building in Darwin, opposite Parliament. I’m ambivalent about including too much for reasons of copyright, even though there’s no prohibition on photographing the entries which range from a diorama to poetry to photography, or this representation of the massed attack of aircraft over Darwin.


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